QAS Policy Statement


Kounis Metal Industries (“KMI”) considers Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) an integral part of the company’s business vision and values. The business objective is to provide, with the assistance of our people, a workplace that protects the safety and health of its employees, contractors, customers and visitors, whilst producing products and services of an outstanding quality.

KMI utilisies its development and implementation of a documented and systematic HSEQ management systems that includes the establishment of HSEQ business standards and supporting procedures, practices, guidance and information. A key aspect of this approach will involve the adoption of risk management for identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring all areas of the business’s operations. In maintaining this commitment, KMI has developed a Quality Assurance System (QAS) which incorporates all aspects of HSEQ, including objectives, targets and key performance indicators, all of which are utilised to enable KMI to continually improve its operations. KMI also provides the resources (both internal and external), equipment, training and reference materials to ensure its HSEQ objectives are met.


To provide products and services of a quality which conform to customer requirements and consistently meet our customer’s needs and expectations. To achieve this we have implemented a Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9001. KMI aims to strive towards continuous improvement in products and services for our customers by providing the appropriate training, resources, environment and support necessary..

Management Responsibilities

The General Manager is ultimately responsible for HSEQ management and compliance throughout the company. All managers, supervisors and leading hands are responsible for work areas under their control, ensuring HSEQ procedures are in place and observed, and for communicating and implementing the necessary information and guidance to achieve the company’s objectives. Managers, supervisors and leading hands are expected to continuously promote and maintain a high standard of quality and safety in their respective work areas, to lead by example and encourage involvement of employees.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees are responsible for actively participating in KMI’s HSEQ management system requirements, which include working in a safe and healthy manner, participating in training, complying with company procedures, instructions and directions, not adversely affecting the safety of fellow employees, contractors, customers and visitors, reporting of hazards or incidents, and ensuring the quality of both product and service.


KMI, through our consultative process, encourage two way communication, cooperation and involvement of management, employees, contractors and customers in the ongoing development and implementation of our HSEQ management system (QAS).