Cable Ducting

The Kounis Metal Industries Cable Duct Systems were developed for use in commercial and industrial applications.

This product range offers complete versatility when undertaking cable installations where segregation and mechanical protection is required.

The finished product is constructed from 0.75 mm base material of which there are three finish options Galvabond, Mild Steel with post production Hot Dip Galvanised surface treatment and 316 Grade Stainless Steel.

System options are;

Clip On Lid Ducting System – Offers a simple and economical means for supporting cables. The lid simply clips on and off for a no tools required access to the cabling.

Screw On Lid Ducting System – Offers a more robust and secure means for supporting cables, especially in vertical applications. For added security against tampering optional Prolok clutch head screws can be supplied in place of standard Phillips drive fasteners.

All of which include the following features:

  • 2.4 m length
  • Multiple width & height options
  • Self-splicing ends making for cost efficient installation by eliminating the need for additional materials
  • A full range of self splicing combination fittings to suit
  • Option for shop fitted divider strip to form separate compartments
  • Option for cable tie off points evenly spaced across straight lengths
  • Option for conduit entry knockouts

Custom sizes and painted finish are available on request.