Cable Ladder (Hot Dipped Galvanised)

The Kounis Metal Industries Hot Dip Galvanised Cable Ladder Systems are developed for use in commercial, industrial & mining applications. Its superior support strength and open ventilation allows for effortless installation of electrical cables and or pipe work.

The finished product is constructed from mild Steel side rail sections and rungs welded at 300 mm continuous spacings, surface treatment is post production Hot Dip Galvanising.

This product range comprises of five system types to cover a wide range of requirements; Type 2/30 65 mm Side, Type 3/50 100 mm Side (NEMA 16A), Type 4/70L 1.6 mm 130 mm Side (NEMA 20B), Type 4/70 2.0 mm 130 mm Side (NEMA 20B) and Type 5/112 146 mm Side (NEMA 20C). All of which offer the following standard features:

  • 6 m length
  • Self-splicing Bend, Riser, Tee & Cross Fittings
  • Rail in or rail out option (Type 2/30 is only available in Rail Out)
  • Earthing holes at point of connection on straight lengths as well as fittings
  • Channel type rung offering superior strength
  • 25mm rung tie off centres to allow maximum tie off options
  • Engineer certification to withstand certain cyclonic conditions (only available for type 4/70 & 5/112, minimum installation requirements apply).

All fitting radius measurements are to the internal side rail, stock standard radius varies depending on cable ladder system type and branch standard. All other listed radius options are made to firm order.

Load capacities and deflection graphs are published by type and can be found on the straight length page for the associated cable ladder system. Tested to NEMA VE1 Standards, Full engineering details are available on request.