Continuous Punch

The Kounis Metal Industries Continuous Punch Cable Tray System was developed for use in Instrumentation and shipbuilding applications where the surrounding environment calls for a low profile medium durability system that can withstand impact from wind and loose debris.

The finished product is constructed from a variety of material finishes and thicknesses ranging from; Galvabond 0.90 mm, Hot Dip Gavanised 0.90 mm, 316 Grade Stainless Steel 0.90 mm and Aluminium 2.0 mm. All of which offer the following standard features and options:

  • 2.4 m length
  • 14 mm side
  • Perforated tie off points at running length and width wise consecutively offering multiple options for cable tie off and superior ventilation
  • A full range of fabricated fittings to suit

Custom sizes and painted finish available on request

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