Heavy Duty

The Kounis Metal Industries CT Heavy Duty Cable Tray System was developed for use in mining and offshore applications and has been designed for use in demanding locations where additional strength and durability are required due to extreme winds.

The finished product is constructed from 1.6 mm base material of which there are four options; Mild Steel with post production Hot Dip Galvanised surface treatment, Galvabond, 316 Grade Stainless Steel and Aluminium. All of which offer the following features:

  • 2.4 m length.
  • 40 mm side.
  • Double folded top flange giving extra load bearing characteristics with no sharp edges.
  • Perforated tie off points at 40 mm continuous centres running length wise enabling wider cable bandings to be used as well as offering superior ventilation.
  • A full range of fabricated fittings to suit.
  • Heavy duty covers can be supplied complete with clamp rod fixing brackets.

Custom sizes and painted finish available on request.

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