Fire Rated Ladder Tray System - AS/NZ3013:2005

The Kounis Metal Industries Fire Rated and Patented Ladder Tray Systems are the most cost effective and versatile systems on the market today. Invented and developed after extensive in-house and laboratory testing by qualified engineers, the systems fully comply with Standards Australia AS/NZS 3013:2005, Appendix C, Classification WS5X – 2 hour fire rating up to 1050 degrees Celsius.

The systems offer a superior 25-50% higher loading rate compared to other fire rated products on the market today. Importantly the Kounis Fire Rated Systems can be installed in tight ceiling spaces where other products on the market will simply not fit.

The foundation of the fire rated systems is the superior, robustly engineered
standard Kounis Ladder Tray with its unique, extra ribbed design that is specifically intended to offer a strong point load with less cross sectional deflection which cannot be offered by any other supplier. In addition, the ladder tray is supplied with custom designed stringers which are fastened to the tray to provide extra strength and decrease longitudinal deflection.

The invention offers the advantage of normal installation for continuous non-fire rated runs using the standard Kounis Ladder Tray Systems and can be retro fitted with the patented support system where fire rating is required. This reduces the requirement for special, expensive, single purpose products that are not transferable to the next installation where fire rated support systems may not be specified.

System options are:

KT3 Ladder Tray System

  • 3 m length
  • 50 mm high sided tray
  • Uniform load rating 50 kg per metre
  • Support span 1 metre

KT5 Ladder Tray System

  • 3 m length
  • 85 mm high sided tray
  • Uniform load rating 75 kg per metre
  • Support span 1 metre

Both systems have fire rated splice plates and trapeze supports used in conjunction with 12 mm threaded rod.

  • Must be used as a complete system to achieve fire rating.
  • Ends of runs must be supported.

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