Structural Ladder System

The Kounis Metal Industries Structural Cable Ladder Fittings and Covers were developed for use in heavy commercial, industrial & heavy mining applications. Structural fittings are ideal were standard fl at strip fittings are deemed to be to light for heavy applications not meeting the load and deflection requirements of the installation.

The Structural Fitting range has been designed utilizing the structural capabilities of the side rail section following the same profile used on straight lengths of cable ladder to allow the fitting to be more rigid and self-supporting for the large radius installation.

The Structural Fitting range is available to suit Type 4/70L 1.6 mm 130 mm Side (NEMA 20B), Type 4/70 2.0 mm 130 mm Side (NEMA 20B) and Type 5/112 146 mm Side (NEMA 20C) all of which offer the following standard features:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised, 316 Grade Stainless Steel and Aluminium Construction
  • 8 bolt splice plate connection
  • Rail in or rail out option
  • Earthing holes at all points of connection
  • Channel type rung offering superior strength
  • 25 mm rung tie off centres to allow maximum tie off options
  • A full range of flat and peak covers for straight lengths and fittings are available. (Structural fitting covers in this section are specific to Internal and external risers)
  • Engineer certification to withstand certain cyclonic conditions (only available for Type 4/70 & 5/112, minimum installation requirements apply)

All fitting radius measurements are to the internal side rail, stock standard radius varies depending on cable ladder system type and branch standard.

All other listed radius options are made to firm order.

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