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Cable Ladder Type 3/50 (NEMA 16A) – 100mm high side

Class Designation: Cable ladder-medium to heavy duty type 3/50 NEMA classification 16A (NEMA 2).
Material: Steel sheet.
Finish: Hot dipped galvanised after fabrication to AS/NZS 4680 i.e. 390 gm/m² zinc, approx, 55µm.
Rung Spacing: 300 mm spacings with slotted rungs standard.
Inside Depth: 76 mm cable laying depth.
Stock Length: 6000 mm standard, joining together by full strength splice plates.
Stock Widths: 150 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm & 600 mm standard other widths available by request.
Fittings: A full range of fittings are available e.g. bends, risers, tees, crosses & reducers.
Radius: 300 mm radius standard for rail in. 450 mm radius standard for rail out. Other radii available by request.
Accessories: Flat or peak covers available for ladders & fittings, barrier strips and hold down clamps.

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