Kounis Group currently produces Rotor Resistance Starters suitable for mining, oil, gas and industrial applications.

Having a proven track record of offering this product line over many years, our rotor resistance starters are present on mine sites across Australia, including Port Hedland, Brockman and Yandi, to name a few. Our unique state of the art facilities encompassing the latest software and 3D modeling for design, cutting edge sheet metal CNC machinery and modern coating systems for surface protection ensure repeatability ensuring replacement parts and extensions are accommodated with minimum downtime. Our unique approach to the manufacturing of Rotor Resistance Starters revolves around our ability to design, manufacture, construct, wire and test in house.

Cyclone rated and Type Tested by a NATA accredited laboratory, KMI Rotor Resistance Starters offer product solutions encompassing proven reliability of service in some of the harshest environments on earth. Constructed from sturdy 2mm stainless steel and mounted on a rigid galvanised base frame, our robust, simple design reduces maintenance and repair costs when compared to solid state starters and passive air state starters and passive air circulation design ensures resistor cooling without troublesome forced ventilation.

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